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Move D - Pandemix Live Jams Vol. 4 EP - SR211204 - Source Records

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Move D - Pandemix Live Jams Vol. 4 EP - SR211204 - Source Records 
Style; Deep House / Disco / Break-Beat
A1:    Tides
A2:    Freedom From The Mask
B1:    The Golden Pudelizer (Featuring Rüftata110)
B2:    Noqqin
Vol. 4 of Pandemix Live Jams is kicking of with „Tides“, a broken beat homage to the early 90s. Deep swelling chords, a subby bassline and soulful vocal snippets come together to create a unique retro-futuristic melange. A2 „Freedom From The Mask“ deals with the deprivations caused by the pandemic. Another moody broken beat track with a tinge of Indie vibes enhanced by the return of some guitar. A programmatic center piece of the Pandemix series. The rst
track on Side B „The Golden Pudelizer“ featuring Rüftata110 is a more uplifting and happy tune. Ralf Köster aka Rüftata110 sets the tone by describing his job on a regular MFOC Sunday at the famous Golden Pudel in Hamburg. „I play music, do the door and the bar“. The sample is used courtesy of Benjamin Brunn. References form Global
Communications, to guitar infused Disco, Soul and 80s Boogie’s big singalong basslines are present. B2 „noqqiN“ is somewhat of a bonus track, as it was not part of the original series of Move D’s Pandemix Live Jams. It rounds off this colorful and hard to categorize 12“ with a downtempo Electronic Funk stomper. Overall, Pandemix Live Jams Vol. 4 is a journey into more Lefteld material. The Common factor
is David’s unique signature sound dened by a softer and more melancholic, yet funky, psychedelic and elegant approach to music which he draws from all kinds of personal inuences and his long DJ life.