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Anthony Naples - Swerve EP - RB111 - Running Back

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Anthony Naples - Swerve EP - RB111 - Running Back 
Style; Deep House
A1:    Swerve
A2:    Here With You
B1:    Right As The Sun Goes
B2:    Be To
Anthony Naples music is at times ethereal and cerebral, but also engaging and compelling, Naples manages to fill the gap between finesse and function with idiosyncratic abilities.
Starting with the title track that builds a bridge between a beehive and Joey Beltram’s hoover sound, it’s clear that Naples has something unique in case of temperature and tempo. Swerve flows around an addictive bass line, adds a splash of piano and manages to feel big without the usual cheap tricks. Played by Four Tet and Pete Tong. If bangers-not-bangers would be a genre, Naples would have created one of its prime examples.
The rest follows lead: Here With You uses skippy beats underneath a TB-303, Right As The Sun Goes extracts elements of its two predecessors, but mirrors them with delightful mellowness and finally, Be To feels like the continuation of the sprawling hypnotism of the mid-nineties.
One EP to get your swerve on. High quality artwork by Gasius.