18 FIGURES - SATURNALIA EP - SL010 - Southern Lights

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18 FIGURES - SATURNALIA EP - SL010 - Southern Lights 
Style; Techno / Australian
A1:    God's Sickle
A2:    82 Moons
A3:    Accretion Disk
B1:    Ammonia
B2:    Ammonia (Sciahri Remix)
18 Figures debuts on Southern Lights with a wide-ranging release covering magnetic and esoteric signals, including a blazing remix from Sciahri.
The EP is a nod to the ancient Roman festival Saturnalia, a celebration and holiday in honour of the god Saturn. The A-side introduces 18 Figures’ intent with 82 Moons and God’s Sickle: off-beat, obscure and opaque productions before closing with the ambient composition of Accretion Disk.
The B-side features Ammonia and a ferocious remix by Sublunar head Sciahri, turning the ritual-esqe and hypnotic sounds of the original on its head with an impulsive and heady interpretation.