Meet the Staff - Nathaniel Garry

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Meet the Staff - Nathaniel Garry

1. Give us your brief history as a dj - 16-20 Gabba/ Hardstyle - 20-24 Dubstep - 24-28 Techno - 28-36 House/Techno

2. What crews / parties are you part of? Touch of loft & Dirty Feet

3. What's your favourite genre / style of music to play? So many! All Styles. 4 decks 3hr set if my vibe

4. What is the one record that's always in your record bag? Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (Extended 12" Version)

5. Do you have any labels / artists that are buy on sight? Past performance is no guarantee of future results Every one gets a hard listening to.

6. What is the most cringe / guilty pleasure record that you have in your collection Nina - Until All Your Dreams Come True (Tranceformer Club Mix) Love this record !

7. Favourite club to play at? Them Sydney renegade spots 😉

8. If you had to play b2b with or warm up for one dj on earth, who would it be? Derrick May B2b ! & Warm up Ryan Elliot ( done that 😉 )

9. What or who inspires you? fluidity and connection to ones personality expressed through Artistic forms

10. What do you prefer beer or wine or??? I am easy , as long as we getting boozey